Welcome to L4M Architecture

If you are here, I am willing to bet you are looking for an Architect. You may be wondering what exactly an Architect does and how we may fit into your project needs. Our role varies project-to-project and client-to-client by tailoring our services to each client's individual needs. Allow us to show you the value L4M Architecture can bring to your next project!


Serve as a guide to help with the planning process. We help explain the design process, contractor selection, bidding, state and/or local approvals, and what codes are applicable. This is what we do and we can help you avoid the avoidable mistakes.


Listen to your needs and wants and what is important to you in your project. There is no "typical" or "standard" project and every client is different. What makes this profession fun is getting to know our clients and working with you to develop a design that suits you.


Educate to de-mystify the architecture and construction industry. What Architects do is often not that difficult or even ground-breaking, but it takes a deep understanding of code compliance, engineering requirements, construction materials, and industry best-practices to make a good project. We love to share this information with our clients so you can be more informed about the reasons behind the design of your project.

Be a Match-Maker

Introduce and bring in the right design consultants. We have professional relationships with a lot of great people who can help your project, with most local to Northwest Indiana. Structural and Civil Engineers, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Engineers, Code Consultants, and Interior Designers are all available if and when you may need them.

Create Construction Documents

Architects translate design intent graphically in the form of drawings that serve as a map for plan reviewers and contractors to understand what a project scope entails. For most commercial projects, this likely requires a Design Professional (Architects and Engineers) to stamp and sign full sets of construction documents which includes drawings and specifications. For residential projects, permit drawings may be a much more simplistic set of drawings that requires no stamp. We will help you determine what is required based on your project type and location. Good news - We are licensed in both Indiana and Illinois to stamp documents.

Selecting the right Architect is an important decision that will play a significant role in the success of your project. L4M Architects is a small, service-oriented firm in Northwest Indiana that proudly serves our community. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please see our Project Types and Lets Connect pages. We look forward to learning about your project.