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Client Testimonial:

Gabriel's Horn was given the opportunity to embark on a renovation and expansion project for our existing women's homeless shelter.  The plans were initially laid out in 2018, but never found traction.  As Gabriel's Horn was looking to resuscitate the project, the search for a quality Architect led to the recommendation to meet with Don Duncan.  From the beginning, Don has worked hard to understand the needs of this unique project and help the shelter put together a plan that meets all of the building requirements and keep the concern of cost in consideration.  The research and work that Don put into the very detailed and quality drawings made the bid process transparent and the project delivery has been smooth.  It was discussed from the first meeting that it is important to get the drawings correct so Gabriel's Horn could obtain approval of the project from the State and County; and with this  being the first project of this magnitude for Gabriel's Horn in many years, Don supported Gabriel's Horn through discussion with bidding contractors.

I would recommend Don Duncan as an individual to consider for the designing of any project.  His knowledge, commitment, and professionalism would be hard to be matched by anyone else.

Thank you Don for being a catalyst to get the project of expanding Gabriel's Horn moving forward and making it possible for Gabriel's Horn to make a bigger impact in our community. 

-Jerry Czarnecki

Executive Director

Gabriel's Horn Homeless Shelter for Women and Children