At L4M Architecture, we love addition and remodel projects.  The inherent constraints of these projects are real-life logic puzzles where client needs, site limitations, existing structure size, and budget really drive the design response.   Many of our residential clients have come to us with a "two-sizes too small" house on a piece of property they simply don't want to leave.  We work with local code officials to see what is possible both with and without variances in terms of site limitations.  We also go through extensive project programming with each client to learn what they really need in their home to make best use of the existing structure already in-place.  Not every residential project is a single-family addition and renovation.  See below for some other residential project types we have experience working with.

New Construction

New residential construction often takes the form of a client bringing a set of plans they found on-line that is in need of slight or significant modifications.  Modifications may include revising room dimensions and layout, adding additional closets or entire garage bays, finishing out a basement, or altering the exterior cladding materials to work with local requirements (HOAs).  

We usually recommend finding a set of plans that are as close as possible to what you want in a final product and meeting with us first before purchasing the files from an on-line vendor to make sure they can be of use.  

Garages / Accessory Buildings

Garages, barns, and sheds can look good and match the house when well designed.   Falling into this subsection is also barn-dominiums, which combine a barn and living quarters, either for everyday living or guest accomodations.  

I Just Need Permit Drawings

This is actually a pretty common request.  If you already have something sketched out and have a pretty good idea of what you want but just need a set of professional drawings to issue for permit, we an help with that.  We will make sure the design follows applicable codes.  We also serve as another set of eyes to check for avoidable mistakes to save you time and money during construction.

Client Testimonial:

Why would we move from our home for 30 years (4 bathrooms and three bedrooms) into a 1950's ranch that had a single 3/4 bathroom and two small bedrooms?  That's a good question....and for us the answer was simple.... 3.5 acres and a vision for what the ranch could be.

Anxious to start the process of putting our vision to paper, we began looking for an Architect.  We contacted a large Architecture firm whose work we were familiar with.  While the design magnitude for our vision was too small for this firm, they did recommend Don Duncan.  Knowing nothing about Don, we decided to contact him and have him come out to meet us on-site the day of our closing on the property.  Call that meeting our 'first date'.  We sat and chatted, sharing the functional parts of our vision, and we could immediately see that Don was attentive, asking questions at the right time and writing copious notes.  After Don left, we asked each other if he was a good fit for us.... and the answer was a resounding yes!

We lost track of how many meetings with had with Don prior to signing an agreement for his architectural services, and the feeling we had after each meeting reaffirmed our decision to work with him.   The interactions of design drafts that Don provided and his willingness to use a 'red pen' to make the changes we requested, resulted  in a final design that truly put our vision to paper.

-Mike and Suzy Kull